Smooth Manicure Aromatic Rose Hand Mask


❊ AROMATIC RELAXATION – engage your senses in this stress-relieving hand mask, rich with natural Rose Oil to help give your hands the fragrant beauty treatment they deserve.

❊ ESSENTIAL TREATMENT – reveal your best skin with the help of Vitamin E and Niacinamide, key ingredients to help reduce dryness and revitalize tired skin.

❊ ALL-IN-ONE – convenient multifunctional and compact beauty solution that doesn’t require separate products. Perfect for traveling and reviving your skincare routine with an extra boost of comforting self-care.

❊ HOW TO USE – After washing and drying your hands, slip your hands into the mask and use the sticker to seal. Rub your hands together to help absorb the enriching formula. Remove the masks after 20–30 minutes. Wash your hands with warm water.

Box comes with 3 individual masks.


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