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Hi, my name is Yvo.

Yvo, from the French word Iv, is an homage to the yew tree, known for its allusions to eternity. As a Korean American-owned brand, Yvo is also a play on the Korean word for 예뻐 (ee-bbuh), meaning "pretty". 

What we do

As a holistic K-beauty brand, Yvo is committed to symbiotic healing between the earth and our bodies, rooted in inclusivity, grace, and self-care that celebrates our world's natural gifts.

From acne solutions to self-warming eye masks, our tools promote innovation and functionality for all age groups and skin types, and we're proud to say we're vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate-free. 

How we do it

With a HQ in Los Angeles, CA, our company seeks out the latest beauty technologies and integrates them into affordable, beautifully designed skincare formulas.

We work tirelessly through multiple rounds of sourcing and sampling, countless international video calls, thousands of illustrator, photoshop, and excel files, with many late nights in our showroom brainstorming the best beauty products. Our purpose is to bring you only what we'd recommend to our own moms and daughters, for a healthy and full lifestyle so you can glow with the flow wherever, whenever.