EGG FLOWER Nail Stickers


Soft baby blue solids muted with clear floral accented nails. Nothing says summer like flowers and pastel blues.

Opacity: Clear and Solid

This product cannot be used on its own. Must be applied with LED Lamp and Top Gel for proper adherence. Remover Serum must be used when removing the gel strips to keep from damaging your nails.


  • 100% Salon Quality Gel Nail Polish (non-toxic)
  • 60% Semi Baked, Easy to apply & remove.
  • LED Lamp and Top Gel are needed to cure the nails for fully baked long-lasting nails
  • We highly recommend a remover serum for an easy, damage-free peel off
  • Made in Korea
  • Each Mani Kit Contains: 2 Sheets with 34 Gel Nail Strips + 1 nail file + 2 prep pads + 1 wooden stick

How to Use

  1. Clean nails with one prep pad
  2. Apply the nail sticker onto the desired finger
  3. File off the excess
  4. Bake under LED Lamp (1 min)
  5. Apply a coat of Top Gel
  6. Bake under LED Lamp (1-2min)


  • Do not store in hot or cold places or in direct sunlight.
  • Wearing time may vary depending on the user's environment.
  • Once opened, the product is good for 3 months. Recommended time to use is within 1 month as customer condition storage varies and the product may deteriorate due to air contact and temperature changes.
  • Stop using if there is a wound on your hand or toenail or any abnormality in the surrounding skin.
  • You may feel some heat when curing in the lamp, depending on the damage to your nails.
  • Exchanges and returns are not allowed after use.

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